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A diverse community of creative talent, generous organizations, innovative companies, and leading universities. This is the groundbreaking community that moves us toward the future through technology. 

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The driving force behind Campus Party TechFest, these are the ones who live and breathe the experience. Campuseros participate in challenges and activities, network with their peers, show off their skills, and get noticed by some of the most innovative companies in the world. Campuseros come together for a life-changing experience with a goal of changing the world for the better through tech.


A consortium of forward-thinking organizations – from startups to industry leaders – companies' partner with Campus Party TechFest to sponsor innovative challenges, identify and recruit the best talent, network with like-minded leaders, and give back to the community through an experience unlike any other. The opportunities are endless for our sponsors.


Shaping the future through education, our university partners put excellence on display at Campus Party TechFest by showcasing their latest projects and giving their students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure while participating in unique challenges and networking with future employers.

media partners

From new innovations to cutting-edge challenges, media partners make connections through Campus Party TechFest to top talent and groundbreaking stories that inspire their content, and their audience, for years to come. The world is waiting to hear the story of how technology is changing the world for the better at Campus Party TechFest.

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