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Move the World of Tech Forward: Become a Campus Party TechFest Sponsor​

Campus Party TechFest isn’t just an event, it’s a life-changing experience where attendees come together to move tech forward. And the same goes for our partners, because by participating in Campus Party TechFest you are going to enable the brightest minds in tech to keep changing the world. Not to mention, you’ll unlock a door to endless opportunities when you connect with this audience.

Who will
you meet?

Participating at Campus Party TechFest connects you to a unique audience of students, young professionals, and skill-improvement seekers across the technology industry. This audience will come together for three days to learn, network, and be completely immersed in all facets of the industry, and you’re going to want to meet them.


A unique mixture of rising millennial and gen z talent ages 18-35


Millenials & Gen Zer’s with
an interest in topics, like:

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Young Professionals
in a variety of roles, like:

Research & Development
Software Engineering
App Development
Blockchain Engineering
Data engineering

University Students majoring in STEAM fields, like:


Computer Science

Video Game Design



Why sponsor?

When you become a Campus Party TechFest partner, you’ll have a variety of opportunities to engage with a
captivated audience and experience three primary benefits of tapping into this community:

1. Talent Acquisition​

Get acquainted with the best minds in tech who very well might be looking for their next opportunity. In the past, companies like AT&T, Facebook, Ford motors, and Accenture have taken advantage of the global Campus Party network to hire the most brilliant rising stars. So, if you’re looking for your next great hire – this is the place for you.

2. Brand Awareness​

Have all eyes on your brand at Campus Party TechFest. Our attendees are world changers, influencers, and thought leaders; when they speak, the world listens. Get your products, services, and messages in front of them this fall.

3. Research & Development​

At the inaugural North American Campus Party TechFest, partners will have the opportunity to put their biggest challenges in front of thousands of groundbreaking thinkers. Did we mention you get to solicit their out-of-the-box solutions? It’s research and development for your company in real time.

one unique experience, endless opportunities

Our goal is to provide you with a truly customized partnership package. So, you can choose from any of the engagement opportunities below, or we can create a bespoke package based on your unique goals. 

Brand Awareness ​

Open Innovation​

Interview Stations ​




+ More custom-designed opportunities