october 8 - 10, 2021 | TCF center | detroit

Where the
tech community
gathers to make
a difference.

Campus Party TechFest isn’t just another event; it’s a 3-day, 24/7 festival that brings together a global community that wants to drive tech to new realms by developing products and ideas that break limits, solve problems, and build a better infrastructure for our society.

We’ve been craving an experience where we can gather as a community, put our minds together, and experience the future. Now, thanks to medical advancements and proper protocol, we’re ready to  bring our brilliant community together for the first time in North America under one common goal: to move tech forward.

Simply put, Campus Party TechFest is:

An educational experience featuring the world’s leading tech experts.
A massive, interactive exhibit of the most innovative tech out there.
A platform for open innovation. Think: hackathons, challenges, and workshops.
Full of non-stop fun – complete with games, entertainment, and camping.
A one of a kind campout where Campuseros will have a safe, socially- distanced space to rest and recharge.
A job factory dedicated to bringing together top tech talent and top tech recruiters across a variety of sectors.

Who attends?

[Camp-u-ser-o] / noun

A thinker, creator, disruptor, changemaker.
A Campusero is someone who’s full of passion
and wants to use their skills to revolutionize
the word with new ideas, perspectives
and developments.

Become A Campusero

Campus Party TechFest is where
extraordinary talent comes together to hone their craft and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Affectionately dubbed Campuseros, a passionate group of programmers, gamers, tech enthusiasts, engineers,
inventors, content creators, self-proclaimed geeks and so many more will flock to Campus Party TechFest this fall.

it means
to be a

Stepping into a community of likeminded visionaries who are hungry to break the mold

Having the first look at the latest products, ideas and issues rising in the industry

Bringing forward ideas that could change the world of tech as we know it

Taking a break from the grind to reconnect with your passion

Having the time of your life, surrounded by likeminded individuals

Collaborating with the best minds in tech to take your vision to the next level

Showing off & enhancing your skills through innovative challenges and workshops