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Enthusiastic, ironic, always with something to say. Shy and extroverted, geek and nerd, creative and innovative.
We believe in the strength of all points of view, sustaining and provoking an ongoing debate.


We are the ones who…

Wake up in the middle of the night to write down an idea.
Make a room lamp with nothing but a bottle and a smartphone.
If the journey to Mars was a one-way trip...would go all the same.
Think of a drone flying into the city when taking a taxi.
Be a Campusero
be a Genius
Be Campusero, be a Genius
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Embrace a world of opportunities: Take advantage of the chance to improve yourself, find your dream job and broaden your horizons.


Learn while having fun in an environment filled with opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


Be in the thick of debates on major global issues. Contribute to creating solutions for social and economic issues and be part of transforming ideas into real-world, concrete projects.


Connect with people, businesses, governments and universities on a global level. Expand your world.


Stand out and find new job opportunities with the most visionary companies on the planet.


Live alongside thousands of campuseros night and day. Share unforgettable experiences. Immerse yourself in the energy of Campus Party TechFest.

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This is the movement that never sleeps – campusero – the portal of the Campus Party community. It’s there for you, 24 hours per day. Create your profile, connect with campuseros around the world, sign up for activities, and stay-up-to date on all the initiatives. You can follow the Campus Party TechFest  livestreams, check out content programs and buy tickets for upcoming events.