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Content for 3 days, 24 hours per day, in a host of simultaneous scenarios where geeks will define new technology and innovation in a stimulating environment. Campuseros will exchange knowledge and experience to create a community of the most brilliant national and international minds.


Workshops are designed to work in a practical way with cutting-edge technologies, allowing campuseros to leave with enough knowledge to develop a business in any of these areas.


Specialists with similar knowledge from different disciplines meet to develop a solution to a specific problem – mainly through the use of technology with which they can develop prototypes, web platforms and in some cases startups.


Solve a problem: Guidelines are outlined and a specific period is defined to submit proposals. The community will evaluate and choose the best and the “Best Geeks” will be awarded at Campus Party TechFest.

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The best stories about innovation and creativity come from you.
Nominate yourself or someone else as a can’t-miss speaker! If you receive the most votes from campuseros you will be part of the official program, appearing on Campus Party TechFest stages.